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Dr Disrespect House Shooting

There’s an increasingly common theme getting harder to ignore (unless you’re selfish or in denial). More shots have been fired both figuratively and literally in the gaming industry in as many weeks. Just weeks...

Hardly Gospel

Against All Odds

When Manipulation Backfires Recently I made a post. The post was poorly written, disconnected and a little bit emotionally charged. It tried to explain something that was ultimately far too complex to jam into...


When Hicks Have Pitchforks.

Drama? Engage. Recently I was lectured by somebody who talks a lot about grace. This somebody has many times in the past employed a small coup (1 person), not a necessarily intelligent person, as...

Hardly Gospel

Alt Twitch Stream

I’m very likely going to make a stream just for gaming and browsing YouTube. It’s very possible that I already have. I think 8 people know about it. I don’t too much mind if...

Hardly Gospel

Destroying OBS Scenes

I’m purging around 40 different OBS scenes. For too long has everything on my PC run like dogshit as a result of memory / CPU load. Hot tip : don’t run 70 interactive scenes...

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